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Guardians of Imagination   - A simple, beginner-level modern fantasy RPG.
Psi Morphs   - An anthropomorphic sci-fi RPG.
Poetry   - Poetry written by the Dream Fathom author.

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Highlighted Page for July 2010

This month's highlighted page is Spec Ops Sciences in Psi Morphs.

Updates for May 2015

I added a link that can be used to puchase a copy of my self-published novel, Fragrant Journey. Please consider buying a copy.

Stephen's Roleplaying Essay for July 2010

It can be fun to play a character who possesses great strength and all sorts of great bonuses. However, you might have found that playing such a character tends to make the other players feel overshadowed, unfairly treated, and angry. It damages their enjoyment of the game, and it might even damage their feelings of friendship with the player who played the powerful character.

Here's a suggestion: why not make it a team effort? Why not try playing a support character who can increase the strength of the other players' characters and give them other bonuses? You might find that you make those players happy. It's better to give than to receive. You might find that the other players like playing RPGs with you, and you might even find your bond of friendship strengthened.

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